Thursday, March 15, 2012


Well it has been a long time since I blogged...and to be honest I wasn't feeling all the inspired with Winter causing a halt to any construction.
But last week brought some motivating temperatures and Brian started working away again once he cleared the snow from the house.
So not too much got done during the winter although the winter seemed late coming it seems like it has been a long winter and I am ready for spring!!!
Brian finished up demo pretty much just before the first snowfall and now just has a few little things to tackle and square up before building starts in full force.

Kinda scary...but if you look at it everyday the effect kinda wears off eventually.

So you can see we left the beams and the main structure of the original house from 1905. To the left is where the expansion will be going. The original house will consist of entry way, laundry room, bathroom and playroom/office/spare room. I guess as kids grow that room will change. The upstairs will be our bedroom with an extended patio and bathroom. The addition will consist of the living room, kitchen, sun room and 3 bedrooms upstairs. So as you can see we still have lots to do!!!! But through the winter I have been like a little squirrel gathering nuts but instead of nuts I have been gathering light fixtures, bathroom appliances, and a little of this and that that I see on sale. So it has been great to just get little things here and there only spending money if I have it. Our goal is to do this house at the lowest cost possible...but I guess that is most people's goal when building a house. We want the house of our dreams but we don't want to break the bank to have it.
Our appliances and kitchen cabinets are safely stored and I can't wait to get them out the boxes!!! I think we may have ordered them a little prematurely but at least they are there when we are ready.
Over the winter we tried to make the most of our surroundings by turning one of our ponds into a great skating which Ella learnt to skate...well at least stand up on skates and build her confidence up at least. Brian taught Logan to snowboard and Mom and Ella took their shot at skiing....I think Ella is already better than I am.
We did some off roading out back through our back property to the beaver dam that you can see in the is pretty big!!! and did some sledding in the back as well. Of course we took advantage of our snowshoes and did some exploring through the woods as well looking at various animal tracks, seeing what animals we share the woods with. I did some cross country skiing in the field which was awesome because the trails in the area aren't all that great.
So we tried to make the most of the winter, the Winnebago still provided warmth and comfort for the winter. The kids and I still stay at my parents through the week and head out for the weekends. Brian stays out there all week long and has been working on his new restoration through the winter....A mini moke...which will hopefully be ready in time for Mini Meet East in July. Here is a sample picture of one, this is not the one he is restoring but just idea of what it will look like. Those of you who know Brian know it will be beautiful. He has won awards for his restorations and will I am sure this will be a winner!! A rare car, I actually drove to Bangor, Maine last year and picked it up for him with my Mom, Step-Dad and kids. We wanted to do some shopping so I figured why not bring a mini moke back too. It kinda looks like a golf-cart...a very common car in Australia for beach cruising.

So here is our pond... 

This is us in the Rover four wheeling out to the beaver pond. One picture is kinda dark but you can tell how huge the pond almost like a small lake really.



Here is our salamander "Sal". Brian rescued him out of the basement in the fall. He felt sorry for the little guy and so we took him in and made him part of the family. He has grown on me...with that dorky little smile of his. It is kinda a pain having to go to the pet store to buy crickets every week though. He/She is really fat not sure if Sal is a girl and is going to have babies or if we are over feeding it crickets but he/she is healthy and people told us that Salamanders are really hard to take care off. I guess he/she is pretty happy!!!
Our kitty Muggs is still keeping most of the stray cats away as he guards the barns.
Our Dog Wolsley is still with my Mom as he is just too big for the trailer...we can't wait to bring him up to the house too. He has come for few visits up there and loved it....I think he is going to make a great farm dog!!

Here is "Winnie" covered in snow. Propane has been a huge cost this winter but it has kept us warm on the weekends and Brian all winter. The kids still love staying in it and in all honestly it has paid it's dues. However once our house is built I am not so sure I will ever want to stay in it watch for Winnie to go up for sale.

So all in all things have been a little stand stillish but it is winter and well what can you do!
Good news!! We have been talking to Department of Agriculture, well meant with a guy that works there in regards to programs for starting up farms. We got some really good feedback and looks like our Tree Farm will now be a Strawberry farm. After talking to a few people and doing some research a strawberry farm would be our best bet. It was so motivating to meet with him and have his input. There are are a lot of opportunities out there and we are going to take full advantage of them!!! we have the property and after this house is built we are going to make the time. I know it all seems overwhelming to have some many things on the go and yes it is but yet it soooo exciting to see our future starting to transform.  
Time for bed!!!
Well wishes to all!!!

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  1. Hi Bobbi, nice post! Good to see one here and nice to get an update. You have a lot of work ahead of you but you are fulfilling a dream. It's going to be amazing when it's done. Great photos. What a beautiful spot for the kids to grow up. Enjoy! Pamela