Wednesday, November 16, 2011

History of the Farm

Demolition has started and we are hoping we can find some interesting things in the walls to tell us some more about this farm. The locals have been great...stopping by to introduce themselves, each offering a little more information on what went on over the years on the farm.
We know that the guy the owned the house "Barton" was a cook for the men that worked in the woods. We managed to find his tombstone in the back of our property. Brian and I decided to four wheel out there one day and do some exploring on our 102 acres of property. lucky I feel to have this propery...filled with so much wildlife, a huge beaverpond, a beautiful river, not on our property but a trail off our property to acces it. We spent the whole day exploring and gathering some history about the area. We stopped at the skidoo hut and met up with some others out as well enjoying the beautiful day.

Upstairs of Oringinal House (2 bedrooms) A little scary!

First hit at the walls. The kids were arguing over whose room this is...if you can imagine.

 Bedroom upstairs

Me and Ella in "her" room

Interesting closet..I guess it was the oringinal Chimney

Brian checking it out...getting an idea of just how much work is going to be involved with getting these walls down

Dangerous stairs going up to bedrooms

Strange little area in behind the wall located in dining room of oringinal house

Here it is ..our home! This is what it looked like when we bought it.

Real Estate listings

Our Lawn going out to one of the ponds

The Tombstone behind our house. Oringinal owner of the Farm

Skidoo hut located on the trails behind our house

Trails behind our place

Apparently there is another in the area...this is not me!

The beautiful river behind our place

"the Boardroom" I guess meetings take place

Remains of the old train station located by the river and skidoo hut.

Apparently the tombstone we found was stolen from the graveyard and placed at the back of the property..I am happy it is there. Some think it may be a bit creepy to come across the tombstone in the middle of the woods, but I like having there. I think Barton would be happy to see how Brian and I are fixing up his house. The past owners kinda just let the house and barns age.
So there are a few pictures of the intial stages of this project. Brian has hired a couple local guys to help him with the demolitions. We plan on keeping most of the house...but his may change as we move forward. The kids and I are still at my parents, but head out to the Trailer on weekends. It is hard to leave on Sunday and come back. The peaceful out there reminds me of Hastings. I feel calm out there and can't wait to be there always! The drive so far isn't bothering me. The kids however do get a little restless with drive but they will get use to it.
We bought some trout feed for the pond and so far have seen herons and ducks in there. So other bird that I am not sure of what if was...hopefully it will return so that I can get a better look.

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  1. Hi Bobbi, it looks like I'm still your one and only follower! Thanks for posting more on your farmhouse reno and the pictures! It sure is a big job for you by the looks of things and I look forward to more pics as the renos continue. Keep it up!! Blessings, Pam